The 4 Beliefs BLOCKING You Success with Women

Beliefs are in your control.

They either make you, or they break you.


Having the correct beliefs will either set you up for life long success. Year after year of WINNING. Reaching your goals with women, with fitness, in your career. The correct beliefs serve you for a lifetime.

And the success grows exponentially. You plant positive beliefs now, and they’ll grow in their power over time. As you begin seeing more and more confirmation everywhere.

Momentum is a beautiful thing, baby.

You need to get that ball rollin’. Get those initial beliefs off the ground. Do whatever is needed to achieve confirmations for positive beliefs from the start.

Even if it seems scarce.

If you don’t have positive beliefs?

Success with women will be like building a house of cards in a gusty room. Zero foundation.

It’ll be blown over and you’ll get nowhere. Months if not years have been wasted. By me on my own journey, and by too many friends I’ve had in the pick up community.

Some friends are still in this perpetual cycle. Tip-toeing around the edge of core, real change.

Anyway, here are 4 LIMITING and DAMAGING beliefs that’ll slow your progress or entirely block you from success:


Man attracts woman. Woman attracts man. It’s human nature. How do you think you and I exist right now?

Men love sex. Women love sex.

There’s thousands of women in your city (unless you live in a country town in which you’re screwed). They all need to get laid. They all need sex. They all have hormones making them horny. They’re wet.

They’ve evolved to want sex. Their mind is wired to find the right guy.

All you need to do is learn to be this guy.

Sex is abundant. It’s everywhere.

Look everywhere for confirmations that girls LOVE sex. It’s everywhere anyway.

Imagine talking to a girl. In the back of your mind you’re totally believing she’s scheming to suck your dick. You’re thinking: “Girl, you don’t need to try so hard…”

You believe she’s chasing.

Your facial expressions naturally start implying she’s chasing and that you’re in the position of power.

It puts your behaviors and sub-communications in place so SHE WILL start chasing.


The more you believe this, the longer your journey will be.

If you want to have 3 cute, sexually open fuck buddies, you can have it sooner than you think.

If you want to be able to pull girls from the club like a pimp, on the regular, you can be doing it damn soon.

Keep your expectations balanced, but don’t think this’ll take longer than it needs to.

You’ll end up spinning your wheels for no reason.


Imagine a long room with a door at the end. Through the door is all the women, money, and happiness you can ever wish for.

But inside the room there’s deadly trap, bottomless pits, untrustworthy people who’ll screw you over, there’s a multitude of deadly animals on chains.

You only have 10 minutes to navigate through the room. And you have three options…

First, you could go through the room with a blindfold on. Second, you can use your eyes, navigate using written instructions, and watch someone else do it before you.

Or third, you can have someone who’s done it before take you by the hand and walk you safely to the door.

It’s just like learning pick up.


Now you may hear this, and think… “What? I’m absolutely already taking full responsibility!”

And yes, in your perspective you are.

But limiting beliefs are silent. They’re rogues which slide through the back door of your mind and rob your ‘potential’ for growth.

Instead of being aware of your full potential, your ego deploys these limiting beliefs beneath the radar (of your awareness) to protect yourself.

To ‘let you off the hook’ so to say.

To protect yourself from the pain of not doing enough.

The guilt of not taking full responsibility.

The first step is to become aware of these negative beliefs within yourself. And this is the hardest part.

Meditate on your internal dialogues.

Observe the thoughts and beliefs running through your mind.

Examine how your thinking could become more effective for pick up.

Watch thoughts which stifle or paralyze you.

Encourage thoughts which help your flow. Encourage thoughts which support the right beliefs.

Look internally and externally, everywhere, for confirmations about your desired beliefs.

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