Man the fuck up… and get laid!

The following may be a slightly difficult concept to grasp, but I’m gonna do my best. And when you learn to do this, you’ll become higher status in any social setting.

So get this:

We can all agree most dating ‘methods’ are needy. There’s so many chodes in the world.

But what if pick up is needy. “Game” is needy.

The pick up community is filled with a bunch of needy little boys. Not men.

Self worth? Pfffff. They ditch it and run away.

Standards? Conditioned into doing it for the ‘reference experience’ (If you’re doing it FOR the reference experience, it’s not real, authentic reference experience SILLY)

Boundaries? Nope! Too scared of losing the girl to show any.

When you’re going out to game and pick up. You’re going out to get a girl. Aka. you’re needing a girl. It’s needy.

What happens when you become needy? You’re blown out. It’s not attractive. You’re as screwed as a hooker’s vagina…

How does that make you feel?

You need to separate yourself from the pack. Step up from the crowd. Work at a different frequency.

In the previous email, we talked about perspectives and staying open-minded. That requires you to look the community of guys doing this, and realize the flaw in their actions.

Learn from the guys who go home with girls. Period. Regardless of whether they’re naturals or in the pick up community.

You need to build your sense of self-worth, develop higher standards, and set stronger boundaries.

You need to have expectations of the girls…

If she’s not acknowledging you when you speak to her, don’t accept that. Just walk off and find a girl who is happy to speak to you.

Don’t sacrifice your sense of worth to ‘practice’ game. Fuck that. Be smart about this. You’re going out to socialize, if a girl doesn’t live up to your standards and expectations, you’re undermining your self-worth by ‘gaming’ her.

It’s 100% fine to chat with her. But ‘plowing through’ and you’re undermining you self-esteem. It’s disguised as practicing game but leads to worsening your game.

If you haven’t done it already, write down a list of:

20 standards you have for yourself…

20 boundaries you have with women…

20 expectations you have with women…

And once you’ve written the list, you’re NOT finished! You need to execute on each thing. All the time. No breaks.

On top of that, do everything possible to increase your self-esteem.

Each time you execute on the lists you’ve made, your self-esteem will rise. Your sense of self-worth will increase.

High self-worth oozes into your game. It spouts out of your ears. It’s adds to the aura which women are DRAWN to.

Read “The 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem”.

Here’s a quick summary of the book for you lazies…

Pillar 1: The practice of LIVING CONSCIOUSLY

Be aware from moment to moment. Noticing and questioning negative impulses. Being aware if your actions are in alignment with your purpose. Be aware of your own thinking, your own rationalizations, etc.

If you aren’t present in the moment, non of your work, relationships, or social interactions can be high quality.

You don’t need to meditate. Just focus on living presently. Focus on each action you take, all day, every day. That’s enough.

Pillar 2: The Practice of SELF ACCEPTANCE

Self acceptance is the foundation for self-esteem.

If you can’t accept yourself, no girl will accept you. Let alone be attracted to you.

Pillar 3: The Practice of SELF RESPONSIBILITY

Take full responsibility for your life. Your results with women, your fitness, your career, your level of consciousness, your happiness. It all comes down to you. You receive what you are.

All your choices and actions, you’re responsible. It means to be honest with yourself. No one is coming to save you and make your dreams come true. It’s all up to you.

Pillar 4: The Practice of SELF ASSERTIVENESS

Stand up for yourself. Assert your standards, boundaries, expectations, desires and intents. Be who you want to be. Be yourself openly.

If you’re with a girl, any form of hiding who you truly are, or truly want to be, is not being self-assertive.

Pillar 5: The Practice of LIVING PURPOSELY

When you have your own purpose, you validate yourself by getting results from other aspects of your life. Your self-identity is based of that purpose. Girl’s reactions don’t matter as much. They can’t validate you. They’re secondary. You’re less needy. You’re more attractive.

Pillar 6: The Practice of PERSONAL INTEGRITY

This is owning up to your actions and words. Owning and acting on your ideals, standards, convictions, beliefs.

Whenever you act through the values and beliefs you respect, you start respecting yourself that little bit more.

When you develop a higher self worth…

You’ll feel less of a need to chase. You’re happier just ‘doing’ you. Your own thing. Girl’s will have space to chase you.

All your actions become aligned with your worth. You ACT higher status.

You’ll feel like you deserve hotter girls. You’ll feel like you deserve more in general.

You’ll be at more peace with yourself. You’ll accept yourself.

You won’t squirm under pressure. You trust yourself.

You won’t need look outwards for validation and acceptance.

You’ll naturally be more polarizing.

You’ll be HAPPIER.

All of these things are very attractive to women, my friends.

So always be working on your self-esteem. I’m always trying to improve mine, and it’s a lifelong journey.

Once you realize you don’t need to do or be anything OTHER THAN WHO YOU ARE NOW to attract girls, your results will skyrocket.

Alex Social’s says “No Reason Why You’re Not Enough”.

It’s true. But it needs to be internalized.

Realize girls still love you at your worst… Provided you don’t try to impress them.

You’ll stop trying and needing. You’ll give girls space to chase. You’ll expect girls to chase. They’ll chase.

You’ll win.

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