4X your learning curve while meeting women

You already know what’s up lets jump right in.

Climbing the social hierarchy and becoming good at pick up is literally hijacking evolution.

Which isn’t easy. It’s tough as fuck. It’s going against human nature. It’s swimming against the current of the world.

By climbing the social hierarchy, you’re calmly telling the world to go fuck itself and walking your own path.

Massive respect for you guys doing so.

So what’s one massive block holding you back (that’s in your control)?

Habits and routines.

These are everything.

They’re comfortable. It’s easy as hell to fall into a nice fluffy routine. After all, we survive off habits.

So what’s the problem?

They’ll either work for you or work against you.

You go out to game and you do (largely) the same thing. You’re naturally minimising the effort to reward ratio.

…It’s normal – so don’t be hard on yourself.

But guys end up doing the same god damn thing every single night.

Thursday night…



Again and again. Weeks pass. Months pass. Years pass (literally).

It’s a trap you’ll be led into happily, thinking “All I need to do is go out and practise and I’ll get the results I’m looking for.”

I personally fell into this trap, and it pointlessly lengthened my journey.

In fact I wasn’t really getting any decent results until I fully realised this. Along with 1 other HUGE factor. Which I’ll talk about on day 5.

Learning to manage your natural tendency to fall into habit and routine is massive.

How do I avoid it?

One great way is to write field reports:

Be objective AF. Take 100 different angles. Take 1000 different angles.

Straight after your night out, write a field report:

  • In detail, exactly what happened throughout the night, do this objectively, without ego
  • What I did, and why I did it.
  • What didn’t I do, and why didn’t I do it
  • How did I feel, what was emotional energy was I putting off?
  • Think about the other person, what did she do and what didn’t she do, and why?
  • Ask the other person, how was she feeling, what emotional energy was she putting off, what is her goal for the night?
  • Social cues – how receptive was she to you approaching her, how engaged and receptive. Is she reciprocating? What is she receptive to, when I am being nicer, or when I’m being more of a dick. Does she want to be chased, or chasing?
  • How comfortable was she, was I putting pressure on her (laser eye contact, facing at her directly), or taking pressure off her?
  • Her peer group and social situation,  will her social image increase or decrease by hanging out with you. Is she the leader of the group? What will her friends think of her by hanging out with you, or being sexual with you?

You need to do everything possible to unveil blindspots.

Gain the most holistic perspective possible. Chances are, your perspective is somewhat limited. Everyone’s is, to some extent.

The following Indian parable is the best way to explain this:

A group of blind men heard a strange animal called an ‘elephant’ come to town, but they didn’t know what it was. They decided to figure out by touching and feeling it.

The first man, who grabbed the elephant’s trunk, said: “This being is like a thick snake”…

The second man, who felt the elephant’s ear, said: “It’s like a large fan”…

Another man felt the side of the elephant said “The elephant is a wall”…

The fourth man felt the leg and said “It is like a tree trunk”…

They all begun arguing about what an elephant really was. Each of them thinking the others were simply dishonest.

Needless to say the same goes for learning pick up (and most things in life)

We all have our own experiences of the truth. When you’re a newbie, you have very limited experience with the ladies. It’s crucial to be open-minded and test different paradigms.

That’s why getting a mentor, getting coaching, or doing pick up with someone advanced can be an absolute godsend.

They can illuminate a totally new ‘side of the elephant’ or a whole new world of results with women.

Rather than making a million mistakes, wasting night after night, you’re taken by the hand and shown the ‘side’ which produces results with the ladies…

You still need a trial and error mentality. Because eventually, you’ll need to execute the same thing yourself. You’ll need to CHOOSE to do it again.

When something works you do it again.

When something doesn’t work after too many times, you drop it.

All the while maintaining concrete objectivity. Be hyper-logical.

When you find two things which both work, you pair them together and test them both.

Analyze which does slightly better. Which one gets slightly better results for you each time?

Eventually, you’ll gain a process which yields incredible results.

Your pick up will become hyper-streamlined. It’ll be the culmination of hundreds of different ‘tests’. All eliminated down to an extremely effective system.

Bruce Lee said it best:

“One does not accumulate but eliminate. It is not daily increase but daily decrease. The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity … The ability to express the utmost with the minimum.”

A big mistake I made, along with so many other guys learning pick up, is thinking you’re adding on more techniques, more ‘game strategies’, more charisma… More and more!

… Hell no!

The journey to from beginner to advance is ALL about eliminating all the clutter which DOESN’T work. All the shit advice built up over the years, getting over all the bad experiences, the negative conditioning, all the techniques which DON’T work.

It’s like digging away through dirt and grime with your hands, and finding diamonds…

The diamonds work. Once you’ve found enough of them, you piece them together to absolutely CRUSH IT in pick up.

Finding these diamonds are the key to getting laid like Drake!

Anyway, let’s re-cap today real quick:

  • Be careful not to fall into comfortable habit. Same old, same old. Always push your comfort zone. Face your fears head-on. Do what scares you.
  • Open your mind to different perspectives. Take 100 different angles. Be objective. Unveil your blindspots and weaknesses.
  • Take a trail and error approach. ‘Split-test’ different techniques. Keep what’s most effective. Drop the rest. Don’t accumulate too much, eliminate until you find the diamonds.

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